Valentina Giorgi

Truebeauty is not a matter of size!

The small tips of VG to enhance your silhouette!

Because there are no bodies of series A and series B, but there are tips and small tricks to enhance every physicality!

The little tips we give you are always worth it, regardless of your height!



curvy (1080 × 1920 px)

Don’t think you only have to wear pants:

- choose feminine and chic alternatives such as soft and fluid dresses that enhance without crushing the figure 👗

- for clothing match up to 2 colors together and enjoy enriching it with bright accessories 🎨

- prefer V-neck, heart-shaped or square necklines that tend to slender any figure and enhance the strength of every woman 😉



petite (1080 × 1920 px)

Small and precious:

- toe the shoes! With or without heel, the important thing is that they do not cut the ankle 👠

- the same for dresses, skirts or trousers, better those at the knee or long, not the half measure on the calf 👖

- choose small and precious accessories like you! You can also abound, the important thing is that they are delicate and not bulky👛

But most of all our advice is..

Wear what makes you feel special and a smile, it goes well with everything and makes everyone beautiful!

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